Next To Never Farm

Building Confident Horses and Riders from the Ground Up


Quotes Hey Jocelyn, Ice is doing really well. He has taught Rachel soooo much. He can be a little frustrating to both of us at times, such a smart old man, he's not gonna do anything unless you ask right! But we love him. Good to hear from you, Happy riding! Quotes
Mary U.

Quotes Everyone at the barn absolutely loves her, but she's my personal favorite. She is such an enjoyable ride and has an adorably sweet, sensitive, willing personality. Me and Emma work with her a lot, training her to be better at what she knows and also introducing her with new challenges. You did a great job :) Quotes
Jackie W.

Quotes We got the best pony ever from Jocelyn. Disposition alone would have sold him but throw in incredibly good movement and 100% willing attitude and "Billy" is a dream come true! Jocelyn is the easiest person I have ever worked with on first a lease agreement and then a payment plan when we knew we better snatch up this gem of a pony before someone else did. I really appreciate her down to earth attitude and modest demeanor. Her animals are not special just because she is at the end of the lead but because they do what she says they will. Quotes
Laura C
Rapidan, Virginia